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The Management for Users in ROCS (MUR) portal is intended for professionals who want to send and manage scientific proposals to observe with the Joan Oró Telescope (TJO) and the Fabra – ROA Montsec Telescope (TFRM).

The Joan Oró Telescope (TJO) is an 80 cm telescope with an imaging camera (LAIA) with Johnson filters, 15 arcmin x 15 arcmin and 0.36 arcsec/pix resolution, and a spectrograph (ARES) with a resolution of R=12000.

The Fabra-ROA Montsec Telescope (TFRM) operates with a 4.4º x 4.4º imaging camera with a resolution of 3.9 arcsec/pix and a bandpass filter starting at 475 nm.

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