A multi-purpose astronomical telescope

The TJO is a multi-purpose astronomical telescope and, as such, it carries out a wide variety of observations related to different scientific cases.

Given its size, the main application of the TJO are the time-series astronomical observations, where high cadence or continuity are the main requirements.

Its main advantage is the flexibility of the operating modes, allowing the monitoring of objects for long periods of time, as well as the fast reaction capacity (potentially less than a minute)

The mentioned scientific cases require considerable flexibility in the planning of the nights, together with the ability of the system to react quickly to the alerts of observations of GRBs, supernovae, or other similar phenomena. Participation in robotic telescope networks implies the ability to make continuous observations. Similarly, the TJO can be used as a follow-up telescope complementary with space missions or other ground-based telescopes that require astrometric or photometric measurements. The TJO offers open time to the astronomical community through competitive proposals reviewed by a time allocation committee.

Given these characteristics, the scientific cases of the TJO include:

Exoplanets research: Characterising known planets with transits or selected searches of individual objects

Eclipsing binaries: To understand the structure and characteristics of stars

Pulsating variables: To study stellar interiors

Evolved variable stars: Giants and supergiants

Stellar activity: To understand the magnetic dynamo system and characterise the behaviour of activity phenomena

Variability of active galactic nuclei: Related to accretion and matter ejection phenomena

Solar System objects: Tracking asteroids, NEOs or comets

Supernovae: With the ability to observe them from the first moments

X-ray binaries: Rotational variability, accretion phenomena and radial velocity curves

Novae: Being able to collect data from the early stages

Optical counterparts of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs)

Any transient astronomical phenomenon in general